'The Armstrong Lie' Gets an Official Trailer

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One month ago, a teaser clip surfaced for the upcoming documentary The Armstrong Lie. It featured now-infamous cyclist Lance Armstrong fresh off his Oprah interview vamping about being misunderstood. The unapologetic stance Armstrong takes in the clip foreshadows a documentary filled with conflicting feelings and outright untruths.

Now, an official trailer for The Armstrong Lie shows that the documentary just might be the most damning expose on the athlete yet seen. It shows Armstrong at the height of his success and fame, making yet another comeback and attempt at the Tour de France. From there it's all downhill, with Armstrong himself calling out lies he told with a straight face and testimonials from former friends and teammates about his abrasive and confrontational personality:

The Armstrong Lie was directed by Alex Gibney, the Academy Award-winning director of Taxi to the Dark Side. The movie follows the downfall of Lance Armstrong, from his remarkable streak of Tour de France victories to being stripped of those victories when he was finally caught in a web of doping allegations. The movie is set to be released in New York and Los Angeles on November 8.

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