The "All Name" College Football Team Is Awesome

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Darren Rovell is quite prominent in the sports world, reporting on the business aspect a great deal. That being said, it would be folly for any sportswriter worth their salt to avoid the social media side of the sports world, and like any good reporter should, Rovell has his ears to the ground, keeping up with the latest trends and mishaps.

One of Rovell's latest posts focuses on the "All Name" team for college football players, and considering the season is only 22 days away, content like this is not only timely, it's quite fitting and does a great job of getting people ready for what's coming.

The list is quite entertaining, but first, a disclaimer from the author:

Before we get to the list we have to thank the creative parents who came up with these names. In some cases, the player's name listed isn't his given birth name but is eligible because that is the name he goes by. This list was only going to include FBS schools, but I couldn't resist letting one FCS name in at No. 24. You'll see why.

For those who are unsure, think of it this way: FBS is Division 1 and FCS is Division 1AA. For a more extensive, yet confusing take, read the Wikipedia entry. Now for some awesome naming conventions:

1. Wave Ryder, S, Navy

2. Yourhighness Morgan, FAU

3. Tank Carder, LB, TCU

4. Boyblue Aoelua, LB, New Mexico State

5. Whitney Mercilus, DE, Illinois

6. Shavodrick Beaver, QB, Midwestern State

7. Spiffy Evans, WR, Boston College

8. Mister Cobble, DT, Kentucky

9. Bacarri Rambo, S, Georgia

10. Aireal Boyd, CB, North Dakota State

11. Skylar Stormo, DE, Washington State

12. Jose Jose, DT, UCF

13. Munchie Legaux, QB, Cincinnati

14. Sterling Lovelady, C, Florida State

15. Thor Jozwiak, OL, South Florida

16. Terrance Bullit, S, Texas Tech

17. Vontaze Burfict, LB, Arizona State

18. Bo Moos, DL, Arizona State

19. Derek Slaughter, LB, Nebraska

20. Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU

21. Chi Chi Ariguzo, LB, Northwestern

22. King Holder, DB, San Diego State

23. Konockus Sashington, DB, North Texas

24. Delector Durley Jr., DL, Western Illinois

25. Silverberry Mouhon, DE, Cincinnati

While I'm partial to the University of Kentucky, and therefore, number 8 on the list--Mister Cobble--for my money, I'm not sure there's a better name in the world than "Barkevious Mingo." That's just incredible. Others agree.

With that in mind, is football here yet?

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