That Smart Fork From CES Is Now On Kickstarter

IT Management

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Remember the HAPIfork? It's a smart fork of sorts that can track how much and how fast you eat. The thinking behind it is that most of our weight gain comes from eating too much and too quickly. This smart fork would help you control both leading to a better diet and weight loss.

It's been four months since the fork's introduction at CES, and now the developers at HAPILABS are ready to bring its smart fork to market. They're going to need your help though. That's why the team has taken the idea to Kickstarter asking for $100,000 to turn their smart fork into a reality.

The HAPIfork will retail for $99, but HAPILABS is offering 2,500 smart forks at $10 off via Kickstarter. After the first $2,500 are sold out, then you will have to get the $99 version. These forks will ship in September. If you want to get your smart fork earlier, you'll have to fork down $300 to become a beta tester. Those forks will be arriving in July.