That Parody @SergeantBrody from Homeland Twitter Account is the Work of Aziz Ansari

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As far as parody accounts go, the @SergeantBrody handle poking fun at the hit Showtime show Homeland is pretty top notch. In fact, it's a little too funny...

That's because it's actually run by comedian and Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari.

The account currently boasts nearly 30,000 followers and has been active since late October. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Ansari is the man behind it, after they spotted an errant tweet from Anasari's personal account.

This tweet was accidentally tweeted out by Ansari on his personal account just moments before being shared by the @SergeantBrody account. It was quickly deleted by Ansari, but someone at THR spotted it before he could take it down.

It makes sense that Ansari would be the one behind the @SergeantBrody account, as he frequently retweets it as well as religiously tweets about the show from his own account. I guess this serves as a lesson to always check which account you're signed into before tweeting, if you operate multiple accounts.

While you're here, you may as well enjoy some of Ansari's handiwork (possible spoilers):

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