Tessanne Chin Surprised About Winning 'The Voice'

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Tessanne Chin was the most likely pick as winner of The Voice on Tuesday night, but the Kingston, Jamaica native was surprised that she won.

"It is out of body," Tessane said, holding her newly won trophy. "I feel like, is this really happening, you know? This can't be real. Like unbelievable. Unbelievable."

That modesty doesn't seem contrived either. Tessanne Chin appears to be one of the most sincere and down-to-earth contestants on the history of The Voice. Her tweets and Instagram photos are filled with signs of her deep faith and her love for not only singing, but her coach, Adam Levine, her fellow contestants and her fans, too.

If there was a 'Miss or Mr. Congeniality' award given out during this season of The Voice, it's a likely bet that Tessanne won it!

On shows like The Voice, where fan votes determine the winner, it's not always talent that reigns supreme. It's sometimes a bit of a popularity contest. This time talent reigned supreme, but something about Tessanne Chin's humility endeared her to an unfathomable number of viewers. She is a very grounded individual who has thus far managed to keep her personal life personal and her professional life exuberant enough to launch it into the heavens. Fans will no doubt now expect big things from this amazing singer.

Tessanne's coach Adam Levine was over the moon with their win.

Adam won the first season of The Voice, but was beaten out by Blake Shelton for the next three seasons in a row. He must be reveling in the glory of Tessanne Chin's win as well as his opportunity to mercilessly harass Blake Shelton for the entire upcoming season. Despite Blake losing his last contestant for this season, Cole Vosbury, several days ago, he still cheered on the last three contestants on Tuesday night.

Are you surprised that Tessanne Chin won The Voice? It's sort of unbelievable that her win surprised her. Not many people have a voice like hers, and hers will likely carry her to a lifetime of stardom.

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