Terrell Owens Faces His Baby Mamas on Dr. Phil


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Terrell Owens is an extremely busy man. Not only has the NFL star made -- and spent -- an insane amount of cash during his time playing professional football, he's also managed to craft four babies from four different women. According to them, Owens hasn't been the most loving father on the planet, a fact which has caused them quite a bit of stress and sadness. So, like most Americans who are currently having trouble getting child support from a deadbeat dad, they turned to Maury Povich for assistance. I'm sorry, I meant Dr. Phil. Same difference, right?

Owens recently appeared on the good doctor's television program so three of his baby mamas could confront him about his inability to be a father to his children. During the show, the woman claimed they don't receive much money from the professional athlete despite the fact that he's accrued more than $80 million during his career. That's a tidy sum, for sure, so he shouldn't have an problems spreading the wealth to his offspring. Right? Well, according to Owens, he's flat broke, which explains why he hasn't made his support payments on time.

All three woman also stated that Owens has been an absentee father, though each lady had a slightly different story to tell. Regardless of their individual plights, the exact same song has been sung: Terrell simply isn't doing enough for all of his children, and, frankly, they've had just about enough of his excuses.

Owens, of course, claims that he's made the effort. "The thing is, with me traveling back and forth," he explained to Dr. Phil, "I don’t have a set schedule. Pretty much 90% of the time every time I’ve reached out it’s been a bad time." Owens went on to say that the only time he hears from his former lovers is when they want money. Salt in the wound: Terrell is currently trying to get his child support payments reduced. Good luck with that, my friend. I don't care how broke you claim to be at the moment.

In my opinion, if you really want to see your kids, you'll find a way, especially when you've got quite a bit of cash at your disposal. Then again, I don't know the whole story, so perhaps I shouldn't draw conclusions based on an episode of Dr. Phil. What are your thoughts on the subject? Is Owens just another lackluster dad, or are these women expecting too much from one guy? Leave your thoughts on the subject below.

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Terrell Owens is broke despite $80M in career earnings, the most money wasted by a pro athlete since Michael Jordan bought the Bobcats.(image) 18 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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