Teen Mom Maci Bookout Wants A Ring...For Her Grandparents

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Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout announced on Monday's episode that she is expecting once again, and made it clear that she wants to get married this time around, if for nothing else than to put her grandparents' minds at ease.

The 23-year old and her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, talked about marriage, but he wasn't so sure he should pop the question so close to the announcement of her pregnancy.

"Who cares what it looks like? At this point I'm going to have two kids by two different guys at the age of 23. I would like to have a ring on just for the sake of my grandparents," Bookout said.

While life is decidedly not easy for any of the young moms on the show, Maci says she's been purposely refraining from using birth control because her doctors told her it would be nearly impossible for her to conceive again. In fact, she's calling this child her "miracle baby".

“We were very concerned that we might not be able to have a child of our own, so we talked about adoption. I knew my chances [of getting pregnant] were very low. This baby is such a blessing. I’m calling her my miracle baby,” she said.

Maci seems to have changed her tune, as she's said before that she and McKinney have talked at length about marriage but that she didn't want the stress of a pregnancy combined with the stress of planning a wedding.

"Before I got pregnant, we talked heavily about marriage, and we still do, but I don't wanna be a pregnant bride. That would be way to stressful. Plus, I want to be able to have fun at my wedding," Maci Bookout said.

Maci isn't the only one with big news; Catelynn Lowell is also expecting. She and fiance Tyler talked on the episode about her struggle with keeping her weight balanced this time around, with Tyler suggesting she see a nutritionist.

"I don't care what you do as long as you're happy and healthy. I just know that last time it got to a point where you were really bummed out about it. You were really self-conscious, and it bothered you. So I just want to make sure you don't go through that again," Tyler said.

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