Teen Mom Banned From Yearbook For "Promoting Teen Pregnancy"

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A young mom in North Carolina is battling her high school after administrators pulled her senior picture from the yearbook, saying that the photo--which was taken with her son--promotes teen pregnancy.

17-year old Caitlin Tiller says when she was told she could include a "prop" in her senior photo that best represented her, she immediately knew she wanted her son to pose with her.

“He helped me get to where I am today,” said Tiller. “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him. He has helped me achieve my goal to graduate high school and go forward with my dreams."

Unlike many teen mothers, Caitlin has had the full support of her parents and her son's father and, with some hard work and determination, was able to graduate early. She now attends college classes and works 30 hours a week, and is disappointed that the school chose not to include the photo she wanted to be in the yearbook.

“She took responsibility,” said Tiller’s mother, Karen Morgan. “They should be proud that the students are willing to stay in school, graduate and make something of themselves and not try and hide it.”

The school hasn't commented on the matter except to say that a student's school picture should be all about them, rather than including family members.

Amanda Crum
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