Teen Mom 2 Star Gets Blasted By Her Mother

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Surprise, surprise, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was arrested for failing a drug test, and it's certainly not the first time she's been handcuffed by the police.

Fans of the show can see the drama unfold on MTV tonight, and get a huge glimpse into the extremely dysfunctional relationship of Evans and her feisty but loving mother Barbara.

In a promotional clip that's being shown exclusively on Us Weekly's website, Barbara tells Evan's boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, that he should expect this kind of bad behavior, because Evans is completely irresponsible and lacks the necessary amount of discipline that it takes to remain clean and sober, or to be a good mother to her 4 year old son Jace.

Plus, Barbara suggests that Griffith should rethink his relationship with Evans, because it's easy for her to bring him down.

"I'm gonna tell you, straight on, that this is what happens with Jenelle," Barbara explains. "Because Jenelle can be such a little b---h, right? And she does all these things and jeopardizes everybody. She's jeopardizing your future, she's jeopardizing [her son's] safety."

According to reports, Evans has been in and out of jail well over 10 times in the last few years, and considering she has another child on the way, one would think she would be trying as hard as possible to pull everything together.

But that's not the case, and Barbara said if she was trying to get custody of her child, she would fly completely straight and narrow and do the opposite of what Evans is doing.

"If I was her, and I wanted custody over my kid, I'd do everything," explained Barbara. "I'd work three jobs to prove that I was a fit mother. I wouldn't be riding around smoking weed. I'm glad she went to jail, because Jenelle thinks she's above the law."

So the question remains: Will Evans be able to rid herself of her drug habit and does her bad behavior have everything to do with her being only 23 years of age? Time will definitely tell, but by the way things look she has a very long and uphill road ahead of her, because it doesn't seem she's ready or even wants to start doing things the right way.

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