Ted Nugent Paid to Stay Away from Texas Festival

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Longview, Texas station KLTV reports that firebrand rocker Ted Nugent was supposed to headline an Independence Day performance there, but has now been given the "never mind" by local officials. They even paid him half his asked-for fee to not show up, please.

Longview was using a promoter to set up their second annual Independence Day Festival. That promoter had a verbal understanding with Nugent's people, but no contract. Still, city officials thought it would be worth the $16,000 it cost them to have Ted Nugent not show up.

Perhaps an understanding of what association with Ted Nugent may mean in Texas lately is in order.

As we reported here last month, Ted Nugent has gotten himself into hot water over his comments that President Obama was a "subhuman mongrel". Lots of people may echo his accusations of the president - that he has lied about numerous things, for example - including some Democrats with buyers' remorse. But Nugent has a long history of letting his mouth run away from him, and not caring about the consequences.

The trouble was, Nugent was campaigning for Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott at the time. But his "subhuman mongrel" comments were too much for Senator Ted Cruz and Texas Governor Rick Perry. Even though Nugent performed at Perry's inauguration in 2007, Perry said he "had a problem with" someone calling the president a "subhuman mongrel".

People started distancing themselves from the Motor City Madman.

In fact, when asked about the cancellation of Nugent's appearance, Longview Public Information Officer Shawn Hara said Nugent was, "not the right feel for this kind of community event."

Meanwhile, Nugent's people told KLTV that he had never planned on the event, since it was not yet contracted. So perhaps Nuge got $16,000 for nothing more than getting his name in the papers again.

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