TED Makes The Logical Jump To PBS In April

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Since its introduction, TED talks have become one of the major forces for good on the Internet. The video series featuring lectures from well-known educators, inventors and innovators have gone on to accrue more than one billion views. Now the the Web series is making the jump from the Internet to the public access television.

TED announced today that it's teaming up with PBS to broadcast a series of lectures called TED Talks Education. The first three speakers lined up are all major proponents of education reform. They are Bill Gates, Geoffrey Canada and Sir Ken Robinson. These speakers will all tackle the challenge of how to combat the increasing number of high school dropouts in our nation.

The first event is scheduled to air on PBS on April 16. The series will be broadcast nationally so everybody will have a chance to see what these men have to say.

You can check out some of the speakers' past TED lectures on education below: