Tecia Torres Prepares For The Ultimate Fighter


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Tecia Torres, also known as The Tiny Tornado, will soon be leaving her home in Florida and will be headed to be on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Although she doesn't know the exact date she will be leaving, she was told it would be sometime in late spring or summer. "Honestly I wish we had a little bit more details but all I know is that the date we leave is supposed to be in late spring or early summer,” Torres said.

Torres explained that she is taking the time she has left to get her affairs in order before she goes. “Right now, there’s only a little bit more time left so I don’t have that much time to prep. What I’m doing right now before I leave is pay my bills and take care of personal stuff," she said.

This season of TUF will feature elite fighters, rather than prospects, who will be fighting for the ultimate prize ... a belt! The UFC has brought over Invicta's top 115-pound fighters to promote their new women's division- straw weight.

Torres said she is training as much as possible and is preparing for any and all styles of fighters. "When I go in there, my coaches will definitely be in my heart and mind. Everybody is a potential opponent on the show so I’ve got to be ready for fifteen different styles,” she explained.

“I’m upping my game in all aspects – striking, Jiu Jitsu, wrestling - so I can be ready for every single thing. All my coaches and teammates who have been on TUF or Fight Master before have given me advice," she added. "My coaches have looked at tape of a lot of the girls on the show. We haven’t gone into detail about game plans, we are just working on the basics. From what I hear the biggest issue is the mental aspect of being on the show. Weight cutting won’t be an issue for me. But not having access to the world and your people is a mental challenge.”

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