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Tech news aggregation site Techmeme has added a section that promotes jobs within the tech industry. On the right hand side, you will notice a new box titled "Who's Hiring In Tech?" Below, many big name companies have already signed on to be a part of the new jobs box.

Each company listed has its own tagline, apparently written by the companies themselves. Google says "The end to your job search." Clever. Twitter says "Less characters, more fulfilling." Not bad. My favorite is from Twilio who asks job searchers to "Come run wild in our geek pasture." Sounds fun.

Clicking on the company links will take you to their respective jobs page.

In a post on the Techmeme news page, founder Gabe Rivera says "Billboards suck, promote your company's jobs on Techmeme!"  He writes further that  "Techmeme is a better place for companies to reach out to a smart and well-informed tech-focused audience...We expect that Techmeme readers who are inclined to upgrade their jobs, or ready to embark on a career in tech, will take this jobs section as an extra nudge to explore options available at the featured companies, and a reminder that all of the great companies listed are aggressively hiring."

How will this affect Techmeme's news aggregation?  Will they give more weight to stories from and about the companies that buy job promotion spots?  No, Rivera says to TechCrunch.

“Not more than any other news site that accepts advertising from an array of companies. The only time I mentioned consideration of sponsors to my editorial staff was when I asked them specifically not to give sponsors extra consideration," he says.

Josh Wolford
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