Tears and Tweets Over Jonas Brothers Canceled Tour


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Nobody can make girls cry like the Jonas Brothers. Usually the tears they make fall are tears of joy, but not this time. The Jonas Brothers were supposed to start their US tour this Friday, and shocked fans when they announced it was canceled. Apparently some sibling rivalry has caused the brother to claim "creative differences" as the reason the tour was canceled. Fans tweeted about their disappointment.

Rumors that the band of brothers were breaking up were also flying around Twitter and elsewhere on the Internet but no official statement has been released. In fact, sources say that the brothers are trying to work out their differences and are meeting to discuss their problems this weekend.

Bonnie McKee, who was scheduled to tour with the Jonas Brothers, tweeted an apology to her fans about the canceled tour.

Spokesman Jesse Derris confirmed the cancellation of the tour and said that ticket holders could get a refund at the point of purchase. If the brothers can get over their "creative differences," they may decide to reschedule the tour for a later date. If not, the world may see another boy band break up while the members are still in their prime.