Team17 To Begin Publishing Indie Games


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Game developer Team17 today announced that it will soon make a move into third-party publishing of video games. Team17 is best known as the development studio behind the Worms series of games, which debuted just over 18 years ago. More recently the studio rebooted its Superfrog franchise with Superfrog HD.

Team17 was originally a third-party publisher behind classic games such as Alien Breed and Super Stardust in addition to Superfrog. In today's announcement the studio explained why it is making its move back to publishing when it seems that other smaller video game publishers are struggling:

Ultimately, the timing is right; Team17 is in a very fortunate position with a wealth of personal experience to share. Team17 has an incredible community running into many millions that we can cross-promote within and raise awareness for new IPs and specifically indie games, which are very close to our hearts and something we stand up for. Team17 is home to an awesome digital publishing team who have topped every digital chart from PC, console and mobile over the last couple of years. Most importantly, Team17 make games as well and know first-hand just what it takes to make a game and take it to market correctly across all platforms.

Team17 already has one game on its publishing roster, and indie title called Light. The game is a top-down 2D game starring a square that can sneak around levels, quietly take out guards, and hack terminals. As per its name, Light plays around with light quite a bit, using the square's field of vision to gradually reveal more of each level. The game is currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight.