Teachers Pay Teachers Allows Educators to Sell Lesson Plans Online


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Having trouble coming up with a lesson plan for your Language Arts class this semester? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a website where you could purchase and download such materials at your leisure? Teachers Pay Teachers, a company devoted to helping educators fill in the proverbial gaps present in their current curriculum.

After spending nearly four years in the New York City public school system, Paul Edelman founded Teachers Pay Teachers, a website that offers lesson plans in a wide variety of different subjects to educators around the world. For a small price, of course.

"I had an insight that the materials teachers created night after night had monetary value, so I set out to create a marketplace called Teachers Pay Teachers,” Edelman explained to Mashable. “Teachers are now making a pretty significant supplemental income and creating higher quality materials."

Deanna Jump, a kindergarten teacher from Georgia, started using the service to sell her lesson plans to other education-oriented professionals. Since she began peddling her plans online, Jump has made an estimated $700,000, which is certainly a bit more money than most working teachers see in a decade. Jump also has an official Facebook page with nearly 12,000 followers, who are immediately alerted to any new plans she has for sale.

Teachers Pay Teachers currently has 700,000 registers used, with 10,000 of those individuals listed as sellers. The price for such materials range from $5 to $10, though Edelman stated that the site also has quite a few plans available for free. Recently, the company launched an option that allows schools to purchase multiple plans for several teachers at once.

Do you think this concept could work in SA? Would you pay for the use of a lesson plan, created by another teacher? http://t.co/0WGmZxtQ
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Teaching isn’t known to be a lucrative profession, but online marketplace Teachers Pay Teachers is changing that! http://t.co/zMkMtET3
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Wow, K5 teacher makes 0k selling lesson plans online! http://t.co/jhmR4CSl
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I knew teachers were just in it for the money: Kindergarten Teacher Earns 0K Selling Lesson Plans Online http://t.co/MrMO9nzS
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