Teacher Fired Over Bikini Photo to Attend Graduation

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Teachers across the U.S. have been fired for a variety of reasons, but modeling is not usually one of them.

This week, 26-year-old Olivia Sprauer told the Huffington Post that she was fired for her modeling bikini pics. She stated that she was called into the principal's office on April 29, was shown one of her modeling photos, and was asked for her resignation.

Sprauer isn't broken up about the firing, however, as she had planned to stop teaching at the end of the year and attend graduate school. She also stated that she will attend the high school's graduation ceremony to see her students off.

Sprauer hasn't performed in porn, though a few of her modeling photos are a bit more risque than just bikini pics. Her modeling page on the Model Mayhem website states that she loves being in front of the camera and loves being photographed. It also states that she is ok with a bit of nudity:

I am more than comfortable shooting TASTEFUL nudes for the right projects and look forward to hearing from photographers interested in capturing the perfect photograph!

Sprauer also has a Facebook page for her modeling persona filled with photos no one would expect from a high school teacher. She seems to be taking the job loss in stride, though, using her Twitter feed to have a laugh at all the attention she is now getting:

(Image courtesy Victoria Valentine James Facebook page)

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