Taylor Swift Talks Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globe Photobomb


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Only Taylor Swift could have such a sweet response after being the target for one of the year's most-talked-about Golden Globe pranks on the red carpet.

For those who missed it, the "All Too Well" singer was photo-bombed by Hunger Games co-producer Jennifer Lawrence at the Golden Globes.

The worst part about the whole debacle is that Swift was in the middle of an interview with American Idol host Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet.

So, when Swift and Seacrest crossed paths again for another brief interview at the Grammy Awards red carpet, he addressed Lawrence's widely popular, photo-bombing stunt.

According to UPISeacrest wanted to revisit the awkward Golden Globe moment, so he asked Swift of her sentiments about it. While most would have probably been angry about being the butt of the joke, Swift handled it quite differently. The 24-year-old country singer had nothing but high regards for J-Law.

"[Lawrence] is the greatest, oh my God," Swift said to Seacrest.

Seacrest went on to ask Swift if there was anything she'd like him to tell Lawrence at the upcoming Oscars in March. Swift eyed the camera and offered up a brief statement of encouragement to her.

"Thanks for your friendship and thanks for making amazing terrifying faces behind me on camera when I am trying to do an interview and not mess up! Good luck! I hope you win. I hope you win everything all the time!"

Swift, who actually had four Grammy nominations, went on to share her elation of the esteemed honor. "[Red] is the oldest [album] in the category," she explained to Seacrest before the show. "I didn't expect it and I mean, I love this album, but it came out over a year ago so the fact that it was nominated for Album of the Year is amazing."

Although the singer had a substantial number of nominations, this was the first time she didn't score any wins since breaking into the industry in 2006 with her first, self-titled studio album Taylor Swift

However, the singer already has seven Grammy Awards, in addition to two Golden Globe nominations.

Image via Facebook | Taylor Swift