Taylor Kinney Gets Freaked Out By Fiancée Lady Gaga's Television Preferences


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Taylor Kinney apparently gets "freaked out" by some of the scary stuff fiancé Lady Gaga watches on television. That is according to Gaga, who appeared on Jimmy Fallon this week (as her stint on FX's American Horror Story debuted):

The aforementioned scary stuff includes true crime content like Dateline and The Jinx. She also mentioned that slasher movies calm her down "like a nice cup of tea."

Gaga has said, however, that Taylor Kinney has been "exponetially supportive the entire time" with regards to her American Horror Story work.

Los Angeles with a goddess #AmericanHorrorStory

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Kinney retweeted these American Horror Story Lady Gaga tweets to show said support:

We have to say it would be pretty shocking if he was not supportive after seeing the ring he gave her.

Taylor Kinney will be back with Chicago Fire on NBC on October 13.

Sound the alarm! #ChicagoFire is back next Tuesday

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