Tara Reid Nearly Blinded By Crazy Woman

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Last year, Tara Reid feared that she had been permanently blinded after a "psycho" woman attacked her during a night out at London’s Beat club.

Apparently, Maryam Hassan, a 27-year-old former model, noticed the American Pie star talking to Edgar Davids, a Dutch soccer player, and realized that she was not receiving enough attention. For no reason at all, Hassan walked up to Reid and threw her glass of wine all over Reid's chest. Reid immediately retaliated by throwing her drink in Hassan's face. The bouncers removed Hassan from the club while she yelled at Reid, calling her a whore and a slut, but then returned approximately twenty minutes later. Upon returning, Hassan walked back up to Reid and smashed a wine glass into her face.

Reid gave a statement to the court, recalling exactly what had happened:

I noticed a female who kept approaching the table a few times. I didn't know who she was but I guess she was not getting any attention. She came up to me and threw the contents of her drink over my chest. I reacted immediately and threw my drink over her. The club's body guard took her away. The same female came back 20 minutes later and she was then taken away. She said "I'm not getting kicked out, you whore, you slut". It was so quick, she stood close to me within arms' length, and smashed the glass in my face.

Reid was then rushed to the hospital after suffering a corneal abrasion and cuts on both her forehead and nose. Reid says that she feared that she had been permanently blinded, and recalls that she could not open her eye for a good while after the incident.

Despite Reid's injuries, the jury acquitted Hassan of all charges yesterday, during the final day in court. The jury actually believed Hassan's version of the story, that the glass conveniently jumped out of her hand as she was being taken out by the bouncers. Hassan put on quite a show after the jury announced their verdict, bursting into tears and thanking the jury.

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