Tara Lipinski And Johnny Weir Set To Cover Kentucky Derby For NBC

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The most talked about stars at the 2014 Sochi Olympics were Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir, but take note that the two did not compete in any events during the Olympics. The duo captured the audience’s approval for commentating on ice skating events instead.

Lipinski won an Olympic gold medal for figure skating at the age of 15, while Weir is a three-time US national champion figure skater.

According to retired figure skater, Lipinski, she always loved fashion, just like Weir. “We’ve always loved loud fashion and sort of bonded over it,” she said.

After the successful commentary they provided at the Sochi Olympics a few months ago, the two have now been asked by NBC to comment on the fashion at the Kentucky Derby, which is an ideal event for them, as everyone knows that the annual event covers a bit of the race, and a lot of the fashion. Celebrities and other well-known personalities attend the derby each year.

Both Lipinski and Weir are a bit familiar with ponies. Lipinski rode horses when she was younger, and Weir used to compete in equestrian events. This is not the first time Weir is attending the Kentucky Derby. According to reports, he was in attendance at the 2010 derby and even betted on the winning horse.

Weir expressed his excitement over their upcoming engagement on Twitter. However, he also mentioned that he’s not a big sports fan. Weir said that he loves figure skating and his job, but he would prefer to “run in the meadows and chase butterflies.”

The Kentucky Derby is the perfect event for the duo to cover. They will get the chance to give their fashion-forward critique of the stylish outfits and hats that will be filling the seats at the occasion.

The 2014 Kentucky Derby will be aired on NBC on May 3.

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