Tamra Barney Wants Full Custody Of Her Kids

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Tamra Barney has been involved in a heated custody battle with her ex-husband for months now and for a while she was scared that her ex-husband might be awarded full custody of their kids.

Tamra’s ex Simon allegedly planned to use her behavior on her reality show The Real Housewives Of Orange County to prove to the judge that she was unfit to care for their children.

Tamra’s ex didn’t win full custody and they will continue to have shared custody of their children. Tamra is happy that she didn’t lose custody of her children but now she plans to seek full custody of them and hopefully forget about her ex for good.

“I’m extremely happy!” Barney told Star Magazine on October 10, shortly after her hearing. “I’m so happy this nightmare is over for my children’s sake.”

She plans to bring up the fact that her ex would not allow their oldest daughter to see her mother, at the next court date.

“It’s parental alienation that’s going on,” Barney said. She added that she will address her alienation claims soon. “[It] will be brought up in December, when Sydney goes to therapy,” Barney explained.

Tamra’s ex says he isn’t planning to let that happen.

“I hope that by bringing this court action it will force her to, hopefully, become a better mother. I was glad to hear from the judge that if nothing changes, the judge is inclined to give me full custody of Sidney in the very near future. Once I have physical custody of Sidney, I look forward to helping her foster a relationship with her mother,” Simon said.

Tamra and Sidney do not have a relationship but are in therapy and hoping to work things out and start over.

Tamra believes that part of the reason Sidney does not want to be around her is because of her father.

But Simon claims that it is Sidney’s choice to stay away from her mom.

“Since Sidney has lived with me full-time, she has been much happier, she has had less anxiety, and she seems to be adapting positively to the change. Sidney has shown great progress in school both socially and academically. She is much happier, and I have noticed a significant difference in Sidney’s growth and mood,” Simon said in court documents.

Who do you think will win in the end?

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