Tamara Ecclestone Gives Birth To Baby Girl Sophia


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Tamara Ecclestone and Jay Rutland welcomed the birth of their daughter Sophia on Tueday. Tamara is a model and the Formula 1 heiress and Sophia is her first child.

Tamara's father is the fourth richest man in the UK and her husband Jay is a Erstwhile City trader. Tamara and Jay have been married for a year. There wedding as expected, was big and elaborate and Elton John even provided the entertainment. His appearance at the wedding was said to cost Tamara's father over a million dollars.

The couple wasn't married long before they announced that they were expecting. Tamara said that she knew she wanted children after seeing her sister care for hers.

Tamara said, "It opened my eyes as to how all-consuming motherhood is. Petra gets up with Lavinia in the middle of the night – she's such a great mum. It also gave me a reality check that it isn't just about buying cute baby clothes."

The couple shared photos of baby Sophia on Instagram and Twitter and shared their excitement with friends and family members.

Tamara said that she looks forwad to being a mother and is confident that Jay will be a great dad and help her raise their new daughter.

Image via Instagram