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Promoter Cancels DMX-Zimmerman Match
The highly-discussed publicity-stunt boxing match has been canceled. The match between rapper DMX and George Zimmerman has been called off. “Thi...
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George Zimmerman Gets Another Speeding Ticket
Former neighborhood “watchman” George Zimmerman was pulled over for speeding in Central Florida Tuesday, roughly a month after being stopp...
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George Zimmerman Rescues Family; They Refuse Press
Ever since his acquittal in the murder/manslaughter trial that held the nations attention for weeks, George Zimmerman has been in hiding. While there ...
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Threatening Facebook Post Following Zimmerman Verdict Lands Man in Jail
If you happened to log on to Facebook or Twitter in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman not guilty decision, well, you probably saw your fair share ...
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George Zimmerman’s Acquittal Sparked 4 Times As Many Angry Tweets As Supportive Ones
If you were on Twitter during the aftermath of the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict, you probably noticed that the majority of tweets referencing t...
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Juror B37: Book Deal Killed with an Online Petition and Some Help from Twitter
On Monday morning, news broke that one of the jurors responsible for George Zimmerman’s acquittal was gearing up to write a book and that she al...
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Zimmerman Case Spurs Moms Group, Polarizes Sides
After the “not guilty” verdict for George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin, protests have sparked up and heated exchanges on soc...
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George Zimmerman Not Guilty
A jury has found George Zimmerman not guilty on all counts in the trial of murder/manslaughter of Trayvon Martin. The jury deliberated for two days be...
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Trayvon Martin’s Mother: Screams Were My Son’s
Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, has testified in court in the case against George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is accused of the February 26, 2012 s...
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Zimmerman Trial Joke: Attorney Throws Himself on the Mercy of the Court
Prosecutors and defense attorneys have delivered opening statements in the case against George Zimmerman. Neither statement went well. The prosecuting...
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Trayvon Martin Shouts Analyzed in Court
Over one year ago, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed while walking from a convenience store to his home in his Florida neighborhood. The shooter, Geo...
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George Zimmerman is Out of Money and Living in Hiding
George Zimmerman is in hiding and nearly broke, his lawyer, Mark O’Mara, said this week. In a statement to the Orlando Sentinel, O’Mara st...
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Zimmerman Charged With Second Degree Murder; Twitter Reacts
Florida state attorney Angela Corey announced at a press conference today that George Zimmerman has officially been charged with second-degree murder ...
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George Zimmerman To Be Charged In Trayvon Martin Shooting
According to the Washington Post, Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey plans to announce as early as Wednesday afternoon that she is charging neigh...
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Trayvon Martin Case Won’t Be Heard By Grand Jury
Florida state appointed special prosecutor Angela Corey said Monday she will not take the Trayvon Martin shooting death before a grand jury. Under Flo...
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Spike Lee Pays After Tweeting George Zimmerman’s Address
Iconic film director Spike Lee found himself with some legal troubles recently after he tweeted what he thought was the home address of George Zimmerm...
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