U.S. Default Looms Still No Resolution

Central Bank officials have gathered to make contingency plans on how to sustain financial markets should the U.S. default on its debt. U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, hosted a lunch of counterparts on Oct.12 during the annual International Monetary…

Google, World Bank To Improve Disaster Preparedness In Developing Countries

Within a generation, we will no longer leave the house. We won’t need to. Mobility will become obsolete. Similar to our regard to the appendix and nipples on males, feet will become lumpy appendages whose purpose we no longer remember.…

Google Ties Into EU’s Statistical Office

There’s good news this morning for individuals with an interest in world events.  Google’s made it possible to search for World Bank Development Indicators in more languages, and integrated data from Eurostat for the first time ever.

A little background info: Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, was created in 1953.  It collects information about all sorts of things, including unemployment rates, government debt, and broadband penetration, and makes the data available for free through a list of links on its site.