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Tag: Wireless Carriers

FCC Banning Three Chinese Wireless Carriers
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is taking action to ban three Chinese wireless carriers: China Unicom, Pacific Networks and ComNet....
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No-Contract Phones Are Found To Be More Expensive Than Subsidized Devices
No-contract phones are all the rage these days thanks to T-Mobile. The wireless carrier ditched contracts last year and instead adopted a business mod...
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Mobile Data Plans: The End Of Unlimited Data?
Some are saying that the “unlimited data” selling point that has long been a part of mobile data plans among top wireless carriers is in i...
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T-Mobile’s Jump Being Changed For The Better [Report]
In its quest to shake up the mobile industry, T-Mobile revealed Jump last year as a way to allow consumers to upgrade their devices twice a year. It a...
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AT&T Logs Q4 Profits, 500K New Subscribers
AT&T today released its fourth-quarter earnings, reporting a net income of $6.9 billion – a significant increase over the company’s n...
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Mobile Data Revenue Hit New Highs in 2013
Smartphone manufacturers may be seeing their sales growth slow in established western markets, but the companies providing mobile data access on the t...
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T-Mobile Claims It Now Has The Fastest 4G Speeds
Today at its Consumer Electronics Show (CES) presentation T-Mobile laid down the gauntlet for other mobile providers, promising to pay customers’...
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T-Mobile to Pay Other Carriers’ Early Termination Fees
Late last week AT&T announced a plan to pay T-Mobile subscribers up to $450 to switch to AT&T. T-Mobile CEO John Legere’s criticisms aside...
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Sprint Announces New “Framily” Service Plans
While AT&T and T-Mobile have been dealing with their own issues during this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sprint has used the ven...
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CES 2014: AT&T Announces New “Sponsored Data” Offering
AT&T today unveiled a new plan to allow content providers to subsidize data costs for AT&T mobile subscribers. The plan, called “Spons...
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T-Mobile CEO Calls AT&T Payouts “Desperate”
Earlier today, AT&T announced that it will now pay up to $450 to T-Mobile customers willing to switch over to an AT&T plan. The deal include...
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AT&T to Pay Up to $450 For T-Mobile Subscribers to Switch
Just over two years ago AT&T and T-Mobile were set to merge into But for the U.S. Department of Justice that merger would have created the larges...
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AT&T Is Tired Of Footing The Bill For Your New Smartphones
For the longest time, wireless carriers have operated on a business plan that subsidized hardware in exchange for locking customers into a pricey two-...
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AT&T Announces 4G Data Roaming in Canada Through Rogers
AT&T today announced a deal with Rogers Communications to provide its customers with 4G LTE data roaming capabilities while in Canada. Access to ...
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Sprint Tanks in New Consumer Satisfaction Survey
With smartphone industry growth in North American now slowing, mobile providers in the U.S. are getting creative to scoop up the last few customers wh...
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Sprint to Unveil Its Unsubsidized Pricing Plan
Back in July, T-Mobile introduced its “Jump!” pricing plan. The mobile provider’s new plan, instead of subsidizing the cost of new s...
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AT&T Tops J.D. Power Purchase Experience Survey
Earlier this month, J.D. Power released the results of its “2013 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance” study. The report s...
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T-Mobile Adds 1.1 Million Subscribers In Q2
For the longest time, T-Mobile was the third wheel of wireless carriers as it did everything the same as AT&T and Verizon, but without the excell...
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AT&T Ranks 1st in Customer Service For U.S. Mobile Providers
U.S. mobile providers aren’t known for their fantastic customer service, but some are certainly better than others. J.D. Power’s “20...
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Sprint Loses $1.6 Billion, Loses Nextel Subscribers
Today Sprint Corporation released its first quarterly report since its acquisition by SoftBank. The U.S. mobile provider posted a massive $1.6 billion...
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