AT&T Announces 4G Data Roaming in Canada Through Rogers

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AT&T today announced a deal with Rogers Communications to provide its customers with 4G LTE data roaming capabilities while in Canada.

Access to the data will, of course, not be free. AT&T customers will have to buy packages of capped monthly data to use Rogers' network. The packages start at $30 per month for 120MB and also come in $60 for 300MB and $120 for 800MB sizes.

“Our agreement with Rogers affirms our commitment to deliver superior international coverage to our customers,” said Bill Hague, EVP of International Alliances and Integrations at AT&T Mobility. “AT&T customers already have access to the nation’s fastest, most reliable 4G LTE network while in the United States and now they can enjoy LTE speeds while roaming in Canada.”

AT&T stated in its announcement that it is the first U.S. carrier to offer international LTE roaming. While that statement is technically true, the announcement is actually a reaction to T-Mobile's recent announcement that its customers will have access to free, unlimited international data (though not 4G) in over 100 countries around the world. Compared with that, AT&T's Canada policy might not look like much but it is a step in the right direction and Americans in cities bordering Canada will likely get plenty of use out of the offering.

International data roaming is yet another new feature that T-Mobile is forcing larger U.S. mobile providers to compete on. Earlier this year the company unveiled its "JUMP!" upgrade plans, allowing customers to pay off their devices over time and upgrade more often. Within weeks all three other major U.S. mobile providers had unveiled similar plans. T-Mobile's creative initiatives and low pricing have helped it grow subscription numbers at a time when other carriers are losing subscribers.

(Image courtesy Siqbal/Wikimedia Commons)