T-Mobile's Jump Being Changed For The Better [Report]

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In its quest to shake up the mobile industry, T-Mobile revealed Jump last year as a way to allow consumers to upgrade their devices twice a year. It also instigated a six month waiting period between signing up and being able to upgrade. All of that may be gone by next week.

TmoNews reports that T-Mobile will be introducing a new Jump program on February 23 that will remove pretty much all of the restrictions found in the original. No more will you have to wait six months before signing up and upgrading. There will be no more limits on how often you can upgrade. Tablets will also be added as eligible devices.

So, how will the financials of all this work? When upgrading, you will bring in your old phone and trade it in. Upon doing so, T-Mobile will offer you some trade-in credit for your old device. If the payments you've made on the phone combined with the trade-in credit meet or exceed 50 percent of the original purchase price, T-Mobile will take care of the remaining cost of the phone. From there, you're free to upgrade to the latest and greatest device.

What about current Jump customers? Will they still get this deal? The leaked memo states that current Jump customers will get all the features found in the new Jump if they've been a member of the old program for six months or more. We can assume that recent signups for Jump will have to wait six months before being transferred to the new plan, but we'll likely find out more on this next week when it's announced.

It will be interesting to see if T-Mobile announces anything else at its upcoming press event on February 23. The carrier seems to not be finished with shaking up the wireless industry for the better and we're interested to what it does next.

In the meantime, enjoy these silly Valentine's Day breakup macros T-Mobile CEO John Legere has been sharing all morning:

Image via TMobile/YouTube