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Mario Kart 8 Hits Shelves, Hailed Best In The Series
The much-anticipated Mario Kart 8 hit stores yesterday, and it’s already seeing tons of high praise. The latest installment, which is only avail...
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Guitar Hero DLC Gets Axed Later This Month
Were you one of the millions of people who bought into the Guitar Hero craze all those years ago? You probably even have a few of the plastic instrume...
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Nintendo Shutting Down Wii, DS Online Services In May
The Wii and DS were the first Nintendo consoles to offer online play through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The service wasn’t exactly the best ...
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Cops Allegedly Mistake Wii Remote for Gun, Kill Teen in His Own Doorway
Police shot and killed a 17-year-old ROTC student this past Friday, and his family is saying that the official account doesn’t match reality. Th...
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Wii Mini’s U.S. Launch Set For Mid-November
In December of last year, Nintendo of Canada released a super cheap version of the Wii called the Wii Mini. It must have been a success as Nintendo ha...
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Nintendo Wii Officially Exits Production
I’d wager that a Nintendo Wii is lying somewhere in your house. You probably bought it when it was featured on Oprah and all the other daytime t...
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Disney Infinity Continues To Impress In Latest Trailer
Disney Infinity’s Toy Box mode looks awesome. It’s basically Minecraft with Disney characters, and it lets you build just about anything y...
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Disney Infinity Has No Right To Look This Cool
At first, Disney Infinity seemed like a shameless attempt to copy Activision’s Skylanders franchise. As more information is revealed, however, D...
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Angry Birds Trilogy Out on Wii U August 13
Back in February, Rovio announced that Angry Birds Trilogy, which had already sold over one Million copies for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3...
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Super Smash Bros. Gets A Smashing Music Video
Super Smash Bros. is a cultural phenomenon. Even people who feel that they’ve outgrown Nintendo games love the idea of having characters from th...
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Nintendo Plans To Revive The Wii U By October With New Mario Game [Rumor]
The Wii U is in a spot of trouble. What is Nintendo going to do about it? Well, not much at the moment. The company has delayed many of its biggest ti...
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Madden NFL 25 Skipping Wii U This Year
The Wii U, much like the Gamecube, has a problem with third-party support. Even so, EA Sports still brought annual iterations of Madden NFL to the lit...
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Hacker Group Claims To Have Cracked Wii U’s Security
Like every console before it, the Wii U will eventually be hacked and people will use that hack to play pirated games on the console. The challenge co...
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Castlevania And BIT.TRIP Runner2 Headline This Week’s Nintendo Download
Wii U owners are still languishing in the drought of new games that has taken over the console’s early months. March is looking much better, but...
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Wii Mini Coming to the U.K. on March 22
Sales of Nintendo‘s Wii U haven’t haven’t been quite as high as the company had been hoping. In January, fewer than 100,000 Wii U...
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Playing Games With A Wiimote Makes You More Hostile
Nintendo prides itself on making family friendly entertainment that anybody can enjoy. The Nintendo Wii was the best selling console in the last conso...
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Nintendo Sells Less Than 100,000 Wii U Units In January
The latest NPD numbers for January were just released, and things aren’t looking good for Nintendo. The company that recently vowed to sell 4 mi...
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Nintendo Revises Sales Forecast, Lowers Expectations For Hardware And Software
Before the Wii U launched, Nintendo said it expected to sell 5.5 million units before the end of its fiscal year in March. It’s entirely possibl...
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These Are All The 3DS And Wii U Games Coming Out In The Next Two Months
This morning, we brought you the unfortunate news that a number of titles for the Wii U have slipped into the Spring. It was a little unfortunate, but...
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Pandora’s Tower Announced For North America, Coming This Spring
Last year proved that the fans do have a say in the business decisions of large companies. After refusing to bring over RPG titles like Xenoblade Chro...
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