Nintendo Revises Sales Forecast, Lowers Expectations For Hardware And Software


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Before the Wii U launched, Nintendo said it expected to sell 5.5 million units before the end of its fiscal year in March. It's entirely possible, but some were skeptical. Now Nintendo doesn't even think it can reach such a sales milestone.

Nintendo released a revised sales forecast today that showed it expects to sell less hardware in every category across the board. The company now expects to sell only 4 million Wii U units before the end of March. The company also expects to only sell 4 million Wii units instead of the 5 million it predicted earlier.

The traditionally stable handheld market isn't safe from decreased expectations either as Nintendo said it will sell 15 million 3DS units instead of the previously predicted 17.5 million. Sales expectations for the original DS are also down as Nintendo now expects to sell 2.3 million units instead of 2.5 million.

Software is also down with Nintendo now predicting it will sell 16 million units of Wii U software instead of the originally planned 24 million units. Of course, a number of titles that were expected to release in February or March have been delayed. These delays probably played a larger role in the decreased expectations than anything else.

It may look bad for Nintendo, but the company is actually operating in the black again after posting its first loss ever earlier this year. Sure, the company will post an operating loss 20 billion yen, but the company has doubled its net profit from 6 billion to 14 billion yen.

It's also worth noting that Nintendo will most likely see a sizable sales boost later this year when a number of anticipated titles for the system are released. Nintendo already announced a number of heavy hitting first party titles for the console this year, including a remake of fan favorite The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The console is also likely to receive a price drop before Microsoft and Sony release their respective next generation consoles later this year. All of this could lead to Nintendo dominating 2013, but it's far too early to tell at the moment.

[h/t: The Guardian]