Western Digital Accused of Bait-and-Switching With Slow SSDs

Western Digital, one of the leading hard drive makers, is accused of giving customers slower SSDs than advertised.

Western Digital My Book NAS Devices Being Factory Reset Remotely

Western Digital is advising users to disconnect their My Book NAS devices from the internet, following multiple reports of devices being remotely wiped.

Dropbox Starts Migrating to Western Digital SMR HDDs

Dropbox has begun its migration to Western Digital’s host-managed, shingled magnetic recording (SMR) hard disk drives (HDD).

Western Digital Flash Storage Ready For 5G

5G stands ready to revolutionize mobile applications and services with speeds far exceeding what’s currently available. In light of that, Western Digital has announced a new line of flash storage specifically for 5G devices.

Western Digital Explores the Router Market

Western Digital, the company known for internal and external hard drives ( and streaming TV hardware) is now getting into the router market. And, big surprise, they are doing what they do best by including “network-attatched” storage to the higher…

Western Digital Releases First Ever 2 TB Portable HDD

Western Digital announced today the next generation of its top-selling My Passport line of portable hard drives, including the first-ever portable drive with a 2 TB capacity. Now available in five popular colors: white, black, silver, blue, and red, with…

Western Digital Acquires Hitachi Global Storage Technologies

Most consumers probably don’t care where their hard drives come from, but the news today is sure to make some people happy or mad. Western Digital announced yesterday that it has acquired Hitachi Global Storage Technologies to the tune of…

Fox And Warner Brothers SanDisk Your Western Digital

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Brothers Home Entertainment Group, SanDisk, and Western Digital announce today that they are teaming-up to provide a unique and enhanced user viewing experience with something they are tentatively calling “Project Phenix”. The project features…