iOS 16.4 Brings ‘Web Push,’ Enables Web App Push Notification

The first beta of iOS 16.4 has been released, bringing a major new feature in the form of push notifications for web apps.

Google Is Prepping an iOS Browser That Uses Chrome’s Engine

Google’s engineers are reportedly working on an iOS version of Chrome that will use Chrome’s Blink rendering engine instead of iOS WebKit.

PSA: Update to iOS 14.8 Immediately

Apple has released iOS 14.8, just days before the anticipated release of iOS 15, and the update fixes two serious security issues.

iOS 14.5 Safari Will Mask IP Address From Google

Apple is ramping up its efforts to protect user privacy, including a feature in iOS 14.5 that will mask IP addresses in Safari.

Apple Safari Now Blocking All Third-Party Cookies

Apple’s Safari web browser joins the Tor browser as one of only two that fully block all third-party cookies.

The Chromium-Powered Opera Is Finally Here

Opera made a big stink a few months ago when it was announced it was ditching its own Presto Web rendering engine in favor of Webkit. After Google announced it was ditching Webkit in favor of its own forked version…

Google Answers Your Questions About Its New Blink Rendering Engine

After years of Chrome running on the WebKit rendering engine, Google announced earlier this week that it was moving to its own rendering engine. The new engine, named Blink, is a fork of WebKit, and will apparently not affect Web…

Google Begins Work On Chrome’s New Rendering Engine

WebKit has been powering Google’s Chrome Web browser since its launch in 2008. Google says that “its flexibility, performance, and thoughtful design” made it an obvious choice for Chrome when it launched, but the modern Web and modern Chrome require…