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Tag: Voting

Where Do I Vote? Google’s Election Day Doodle Answers That Question With Polling Place Lookup Box
You may be wondering, “Where do I vote?” Google knows this question is on many people’s minds across the United States today as the ...
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Obamacare Site Offers Voter Registration
Republicans now have reason number 10,392 to hate Obamacare: the website offers the option to register to vote while enrolling. With an estimated one-...
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Monopoly Is Replacing a Classic Game Piece and They’ve Enlisted Facebook’s Help
The classic game Monopoly, everyone’s very first rage quit, is asking its Facebook fans to help in a very important decision. Monopoly wants to ...
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Facebook Officially Kills the User Vote
Yesterday the voting period ended on Facebook’s third and final Site Governance vote, and we told you that the results overwhelmingly supported ...
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Facebook Just Eliminated Voting That Doesn’t Matter with a Vote That Didn’t Matter
And with that, Facebook’s tepid attempt at democracy comes to a close. Voting is over in Facebook’s third (and final) Site Governance vote...
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Facebook Site Governance Vote on Pace to Break One Million Participants
The third-ever Facebook Site Governance vote is on pace to shatter previous records and see participation from over a million users. Unfortunately, th...
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Everyone Is Voting Against Facebook’s Policy Changes and It Doesn’t Matter in the Slightest
You probably know that Facebook just opened up its third-ever Site Governance Vote, allowing users to vote on proposed changes to the company’s ...
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Facebook Opens Up Site Governance Vote on Voting
Starting today, you have a week to cast your vote in what will most likely be the last Facebook Site Governance vote ever. The company has announced t...
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Facebook Asks for Your Vote on Stripping Your Ability to Vote on Future Changes to Site Governance
Back in 2009, Facebook opened up the governance of site policies to its hundreds of millions of users – kind of. For the first time, they allowe...
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Young, Female, Democratic Voters Wanted to Share It on Facebook
If you logged onto Facebook on election day, you probably remember that the social network did their part to get out the vote by displaying a big voti...
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President Obama Won the Twitter Vote and it Wasn’t Even Close
Post-election demographic analysis is always interesting, or always dull and pointless depending on who you ask. I’m sure you’ve seen peop...
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Track Voting in Real Time With Facebook and Foursquare
In many states across the country, we’ve already passed the halfway mark for voting hours in the 2012 Presidential Election. Soon, we will all k...
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Guys, Stop Instagramming Your Ballots. Seriously.
I know you’re excited about voting. It’s not only our democratic right and duty, but it’s a privilege. Quick tip: If you want to con...
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“Where Do I Vote” Is Today’s Google Doodle Topic In The U.S.
Google is running an Election Day doodle in the U.S. today, as the nation works on electing its president for the next four years. The doodle this tim...
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Facebook Makes Sure You Vote This Election Day
Today’s the big day – election day in the United States. Millions of voters will head to the polls today to choose who they think is best ...
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Halo 4 Release May Dampen Voter Turnout Among Gamers [POLL]
Voting: it’s your civic duty. It’s the foundation of any democracy, a way for everyone to make their voice heard. Millions have fought and...
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Find Your Voting Location on Google, Facebook
Tomorrow, November 6th, is election day in the U.S. If you haven’t already voted and need to know where you should vote tomorrow, both Google an...
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YouTube Calling on Citizen Journalists to Document Their Vote
During the 2012 campaign season, Youtube has been involved in providing people access to the videos that they need to be better-informed voters. They ...
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The Electorate Isn’t Completely Uninformed, and We Can Give Some Credit to Facebook
The pessimist inside every participating member of a democracy thinks that the electorate is full of completely uniformed voters who will pick candida...
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Foursquare Unveils New Voting App for Election Day
Today, Foursquare unveiled the new “I Voted” app. Powered by the Google Civic Information API, the app will give you everything you need t...
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