Monopoly Is Replacing a Classic Game Piece and They've Enlisted Facebook's Help

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The classic game Monopoly, everyone's very first rage quit, is asking its Facebook fans to help in a very important decision.

Monopoly wants to retire one of their classic game pieces, and they want to replace it with a new piece. They want your help with both.

On February 5th, one of the classic piece will be "locked up forever": the car, the thimble, the boot, the scottie dog, the battleship, the hat, the iron, or the wheelbarrow. In its place, Monopoly will introduce either a robot, a diamond ring, and cat, a helicopter, or a guitar.


It's the trial of the century! The fate of every classic MONOPOLY token rests in your hands. Vote daily to save your favorite token from a life sentence off the board. Click here:

The Monopoly Facebook page has created a dedicated Facebook app for the vote, and you can access it here. Inside the app you can view the "case file" for each existing piece before you decide which one gets the boot (maybe the boot?). For instance, the prosecution's case against the Battleship is that it doesn't actually float. The defense claims that it's still a better ship than the Titanic.

The app also sports a leaderboard, which shows which of the current pieces are "safe," "neutral," or "in trouble" based on the vote. As of now, the Scottie dog is safe with 34% of the vote. The hat and the wheelbarrow are the pieces that are currently in the most trouble.


My vote: Out with the Iron, in with the Robot.

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