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Volvo Adopting Tesla’s Charging Port
Volvo is the latest automaker to adopt Tesla's charging port, on the heels of similar announcements by Ford, GM, and Rivian....
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Ford and Volvo Partner With Redwood Materials to Recycle EV Batteries
Startup Redwood Materials is partnering with Ford and Volvo in an effort to recycle electric vehicle (EV) batteries....
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Volvo First Automaker to Pursue Fossil-Free Steel
Volvo is working with Swedish steel maker SSAB in an effort to move to fossil-free steel for automotive production....
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Volvo Will Transition to All-Electric Lineup by 2030
Volvo has become the latest company to embrace an all-electric lineup, promising to achieve that goal by 2030....
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Volvo’s Self-Driving Cars Will Use LiDAR In 2022
Volvo plans on using LiDAR in its next generation of self-driving cars, scheduled to begin production in 2022....
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The Best Volvo Ad of All Time Doesn’t Come from Volvo
As a member of the Volvo-owners club since 2001, I can attest to the inexplicable draw of the Swedish-made automobile. There’s just something ab...
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Car Seats By Volvo May Be The Most Amazing Thing Ever
Sometimes a company comes along with a concept or idea that is so absolutely amazing and yet surprisingly simplistic, you wonder why in the heck we’...
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Volvo XC90 To Include Apple CarPlay
Volvo may not be a name that comes to mind when we in America consider purchasing a new car, but it may jump a few spots up the list after the company...
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Channing Tatum Spoofs Van Damme’s Split [VIDEO]
Remember Jean-Claude Van Damme’s amazing split for Volvo we told you about last week? Well, Channing Tatum decided to try out a similar split on...
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Jean-Claude Van Damme’s New Volvo Ad Is Mind-Blowing
There are splits, and then there are epic splits. I’m going to say that this new Volvo Trucks ad featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme has some of the...
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Tesla Outsells Porsche And Others In California
The state of California has long been considered to be more accepting of green technologies, especially in the realm of automobiles. Jokes about the s...
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Volvo Recall: Car Manufacturer Fined $1.5 Million
Volvo recall: Although the car manufacturer is thought to produce some of the safest automobiles money can buy, apparently even they are prone to maki...
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Jeremy Lin Might Score Endorsement with Volvo
Jeremy Lin continues to enhance its global presence. Last Friday we reported that a new strain of weed, Linsanity OG, was named to honor the player...
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More Proof That Good Ideas Transcend Time And Media
I can’t get over this wonderful project Google is doing called, Project Re: Brief. In it, the folks at Google take great advertising from the pa...
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Volvo Introduces New Airbag
Swedish automaker Volvo has introduced the world’s first external airbag for pedestrians. Volvo, long known for it’s excellent safety stan...
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