The Best Volvo Ad of All Time Doesn't Come from Volvo

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As a member of the Volvo-owners club since 2001, I can attest to the inexplicable draw of the Swedish-made automobile. There's just something about a Volvo, man.

No, there's just something about this Volvo. According to the legend of the owner's grandfather's father's grandchild's grandchild child, at least, it's haunted.

If you're near Malmö, Sweden and have 7,500 Swedish crowns to spare, there's a guy who really wants you to buy his 1993 Volvo 245GL. He wants you to buy it so badly that he created quite possibly the best Volvo ad in the history of Volvo.

I'm assuming that you do in fact want to be perceived as rich and cuddly, so that's a pretty solid marketing pitch right there. I'd be neglectful if I didn't mention that it has a new battery and radiator, as well as summer and winter tires very round rubber humps.

Who knows if this viral ploy will lead to a sale–but the viral part of the ploy is 100 percent certified. Between the Buy My Volvo (English) and original Köp Min Volvo videos, our pitchman has racked up nearly three-quarters of a million views.

Image via PonyHans, YouTube

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