Volvo XC90 To Include Apple CarPlay

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Volvo may not be a name that comes to mind when we in America consider purchasing a new car, but it may jump a few spots up the list after the company's recent announcement regarding the newest version of their XC90 SUV.

The company has made it known that the most recent iteration of the XC90 will include Apple CarPlay, which will enable drivers to use all of the capabilities of their iPhone without the danger or hassle of having to take their attention away from the road.

Mobile phones have changed the way people communicate forever, but with that has come the danger of individuals paying far more attention to the device in their hand than oncoming traffic. While campaigns against texting while driving may have some success, companies like Apple are racing to adapt to the consumer, and CarPlay hopes to change the way people interact with their vehicles. Using the built-in dashboard touchscreen drivers will be able to play their favorite music, answer phone calls, navigate, and perform any number of tasks without taking their eyes off of the task at hand.

While the news is exciting for Volvo fans (if such a group of people exists) other companies will be offering the technology in their vehicles. Those companies include Honda, Ferrari, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, and Jaguar.

However, the XC90 has other tricks up its sleeve, like featuring both an electric "booster engine" along with a 4-cylinder gas-powered engine which can work in tandem to drastically improve mileage and boast greater power over other hybrids.

Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson made it clear that the company needs to do something to separate itself from its competitors. In an interview at the Geneva Motor Show he was quoted as saying "Sometimes you have to make radical choices, but we’re not a bit nervous about it. The brand has to stand out a bit more.”

And if all of these things don't win you over the Volvo's side, take a look at their amazing ad featuring the Muscles from Brussels himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme or the spoof by the equally badass Chuck Norris.

[Image via Consumer Reports]

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