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LinkedIn Killing Stories, Revamping Videos
LinkedIn is killing off its ephemeral Stories features but plans to use what it learned to improve videos across its platform....
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YouTube Runs Ads On Creators’ Videos Without Paying Them
Starting Wednesday, YouTube began running ads on some content creators’ videos without sharing the revenue those ads bring in....
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A Quick Guide To Gmail Ads
For months, Google has been releasing quick video tutorials as a series called “AdWords in Under Five Minutes”. It’s been a while si...
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Adele Pranks a Bunch of Adele Impersonators [VIDEO]
Adele is one of the biggest stars in the world, so it’s a little tough to go undercover and make herself unrecognizable. But that’s exactl...
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Snapchat Rivals Facebook When It Comes to Video Views
Last week, when Facebook announced that it sees over eight billion video views per day, you likely said well, that’s a hell of a lot of video vi...
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Uber Driver Records Drunk Passenger’s Brutal Attack
We’ve reported on plenty of instances of Uber drivers attacking, kidnapping, and raping passengers. Here’s some shocking video from the ot...
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Goodbye, Facebook Profile Pics – Hello, Profile Videos
Facebook has just announced the coolest thing to happen to your profile since the Cover Photo. Soon, you’ll have the ability to set a seven-seco...
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Salesforce A Has Building With An Awesome Pac-Man Wall
Businesses can expect to see a lot of Saleforce news this week as the company kicks off its big Dreamforce event on Tuesday. According to Forbes, it c...
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Facebook Says It’s Trying to Fix Its Stolen Video Problem
You always hear about Facebook catching up to, and even surpassing YouTube as a destination for video. And it’s no joke – Facebook is a video ...
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Watch This If You Want To Capitalize On One Of Google’s Newest Ranking Signals
Earlier this year, Google announced two major pieces of news with regards to how it ranks search results on mobile devices. The one that got the major...
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YouTube Music Videos In the UK Are Getting Slapped with Age Ratings
Some in the UK feel that YouTube videos, like movies and other forms of art/media, need age ratings. According to The Guardian, YouTube and Vevo have ...
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Twitter Pulls Flashing Ads After Epilepsy Group Takes Issue
Twitter-owned Vine’s videos autoplay in users’ timelines, unless you turn off autoplay in your settings – so it’s pretty hard to a...
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Kid Reads Hateful YouTube Comments to Show How Bullying Affects People
YouTube is a wonderful thing – arguably one of the top three most important websites in history. YouTube comments, on the other hand, are a cesspool...
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Fireworks Can, and Will, Blow Your Head Off, Demonstrates the US Gov
On average, about 230 people go to the hosptial with fireworks-related injuries during the month surrounding the 4th of July. Half of those injuries a...
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Facebook Has a New Video Ad Option That Only Charges Advertisers After 10 Seconds of Viewing
What amounts to a video “view” on Facebook? For regular videos, Facebook will give it an official view if it’s watched for three sec...
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YouTube Is Giving Creators 10 Helpful New Features
Google announced a list of ten new features that are coming soon to help YouTube Creators. Some will become available over the coming weeks, and other...
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Facebook Page Insights Gets Videos Tab
Facebook just announced the addition of a new Videos tab to Page Insights, enabling Page admins to see views and 30-second views at the Page level, to...
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YouTube Launches Newswire to Offer Verified Eyewitness Videos
We’ve seen the era of the “citizen journalist” expand as the tools at their disposal grow. If you have a camera and you’re in ...
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Twitter Announces Autoplay Video, Defines What Constitutes a ‘Play’
Twitter is taking the plunge already taken by fellow social networks Facebook and Instagram. Starting today, autoplay videos are coming to Twitter. Th...
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ICYMI: Here’s The Entire Google I/O 2015 Keynote
Google made a ton of announcements at its annual Google I/O conference on Thursday. It did stream the keynote live, but in case you didn’t get a...
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