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Massive Crater Discovered in Siberia
A huge crater has mysteriously formed in a region of Siberia commonly known as the “end of the world.” After a video of the 260-foot-wide ...
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Buzz Aldrin UFO Sighting Exposed
Some UFO rumors never die. This one has been around since 1969. When Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins took off for the moon in ’...
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Chile UFO Investigation Results: It’s a UFO
Some miners in Collahuasi, Chile watched with great interest as the disk-shaped object hung around in the cloudless sky over their worksite. For over ...
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Chile UFO Investigation Leads To Surprising Outcome
The highly anticipated results of an investigation into an unidentified flying object was released by Chilean officials on July 3rd. The government ag...
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UFO Sightings: Where Were They Visiting This Year?
UFO sightings continue to amaze and scare the world. They also have a way of piquing our curiosity. It seems like UFOs seem to prefer certain places t...
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UFO Sightings: Nothing To Fear, “Deer”
Are Martians meandering through Mississippi marsh and grasslands? Since a family in Jackson County, Mississippi witnessed something out of the ordinar...
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Deer UFO: Close Encounter Captured On Tape?
Rainer and Edith Shattles don’t know what to make of the bizarre pictures taken by their night vision cameras. It was just a cold February night...
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UFOs Reportedly Seen On New Years Eve
Was someone, or something, else enjoying the fireworks on New Years Eve? That is the question that many California residents are asking themselves, af...
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UFO Sighting In Wee Hours New Years Eve – California
You have to wonder about the condition of the people who think they saw a UFO in the wee hours of New Years Eve. But before doubt sets in, to their cr...
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UFO Sightings in California on New Year’s Eve
According to a number of witnesses, mankind wasn’t the only one on New Year’s Eve enjoying firework shows across the country. Apparently, civi...
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Britain’s UFO Desk Shuttered: Little Girl to Blame?
Over 4,000 pages of documents recently released by the UK’s Ministry of Defense explain why the MoD opted to close its UFO hotline in December 2009....
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UFO: Britain Opens Up X-Files About Stonehenge
New documents released recently by Britain’s Ministry of Defense show that UFO sightings near Stonehenge and the Houses of Parliament went un-in...
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Woman Photographs UFO in the Netherlands
Somebody call Fox Mulder because we’ve got ourselves an honest-to-goodness x-file on our hands, thanks to a female amateur photographer. With th...
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UFO Over Historic Barn Causes Stir In California
A picture showing a UFO near a historic barn in Santee, California is drawing a bit of attention this week. Ellen Henry was taking pictures of the Edg...
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Tiny ‘Alien’ Skeleton Debunked by DNA Evidence
A tiny humanoid skeleton found in Chile’s Atacama Desert has been hailed by UFO conspiracists for years as proof of extraterrestrial life. Now, ...
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FBI UFO Memo is the Agency’s Most-Requested
The FBI revealed this week in a blog post that an agency memo referring to “flying saucers” is the most-requested file in the FBI vault. T...
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Russell Crowe UFO Video Leaves Twitter Fans Baffled
Russel Crowe may be scheduled to play Superman’s father, Jor-El, in the upcoming Superman movie reboot Man of Steel, but it wasn’t a flyin...
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Declassified Documents Show Air Force Was Working On UFOs
Everybody loves a good UFO story. The fascination with alien spacecraft has been documented throughout the centuries with stories dating all the way b...
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Study Claims That 1/3 Americans Believe In UFOs
Do you believe in UFOs? I know that I certainly do even though I have never even come close to seeing one. It is very hard for me to believe that in t...
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Drone Mistaken for UFO in Washington, D.C. Causes Panic
A drone mistaken for a UFO in Washington, D.C. caused a lot of area residents to freak out, prompting several concerned individuals to place calls to ...
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