UFO Over Historic Barn Causes Stir In California


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A picture showing a UFO near a historic barn in Santee, California is drawing a bit of attention this week. Ellen Henry was taking pictures of the Edgemoor barn when she noticed the object. Before she could get any clearer pictures, however, she says her camera stopped working.

While the images leave plenty of room for discussion and speculation, Henry herself has no doubts. She told local Channel 10 News that she was absolutely certain that the object was from another world.

She did get one decent picture of the barn with the object in the background before her camera stopped working, though it is a little hard to see. Take a look at the image for yourself below:


The object is a little hard to see in the image, but if you look over to the left you should see a cigar-shaped object in the sky. Here is the same image zoomed in a bit, with a circle drawn around the object in question.


This is not the only time that the Edgemoor barn has drawn attention for things other than its historical significance. The barn is reportedly haunted and is a popular destination for paranormal investigators.

Local airfields, including the Marine Corps Air Station at Miramar, have no record of any aircraft in the area. Which means that, strictly speaking, the object is a UFO, in that it is unidentified. The question of whether it is really an alien spacecraft will likely remain a mystery, though.

Personally, though, I think it looks a little bit like a Battlestar...