Deer UFO: Close Encounter Captured On Tape?

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Rainer and Edith Shattles don't know what to make of the bizarre pictures taken by their night vision cameras.

It was just a cold February night in the Cumbest Bluff area of Jackson County, Miss. when the couple set up trail cameras with the hope of capturing an image of a night healthy buck on screen.

There were plenty of deer to be seen in the images.

However at a certain point, the trail cameras capture what appears to be a series of "lights" floating in the air or shining down on the deer.

"We have unusual things [a]round here that happen, but it's usually associated with our grandchildren," said Edith Shattles.

When it came to trying to identify what was happening at certain time stamps, she said that she and her husband "didn't know what it was."

Things appear normal until 7:29 pm. The trail camera detects a dim light shining down. At 7:35 pm, the light is is much brighter. When the camera takes a snapshot at 7:53 pm, there is a weird shape captured on screen.

One of the later images is specially compelling, showing what almost appears to be a pair of floating headlights focused on a deer which is staring at whatever the lights are.

In fact, it's clear from a couple of snapshots that the animals are keenly aware of the phenomenon happening above and around them.

They don't seem to be too concerned. Because the deer appear throughout the images, it's clear that whatever it was failed to spook the four-legged animals. As skittish as deer are, this only adds to the mystery.

The Shattles family hoped that perhaps their friends and neighbors had an idea as to the nature of what they accidentally captured, but everyone they know is just as stumped.

Rainer Shattles considers it "a puzzle that may never be solved", but he doesn't seem to mind. He explained, "[It's] kind of fun. Adds a little flavor to life I guess you could say."

Rainer and Edith Shattles are simply excited to have happened upon something so unique entirely by chance.

"We are just fascinated over it because of the fact that it was right here and it's real."

What do YOU make of the strange images captured by the Shattles? Is it a UFO, ghosts, or a malfunction of some kind? Share your theories below!

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