Russell Crowe UFO Video Leaves Twitter Fans Baffled

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Russel Crowe may be scheduled to play Superman's father, Jor-El, in the upcoming Superman movie reboot Man of Steel, but it wasn't a flying Kryptonian that Crowe spotted outside his Sydney offices this week.

The actor posted a YouTube video to his Twitter account this week, showing what he claims in a genuine UFO. Crowe stated that he and a friend set up a Cannon 5D outside his office in Sydney to capture images of fruit bats "rising from Botanic Gardens. Instead, three photos taken over 4.5 seconds show something brightly lit passing over the scenery very quickly.

Crowe is technically accurate in that the object in the photos is unidentified and appears to be flying. However, dressing the video up with sinister music and weird editing to imply an alien presence implies that the actor is simply trolling his Twitter followers.

The stunt has gained Crowe some attention on Twitter, though. The star has retweeted various stories about his video and has replied to several fan theories with his own explanations. He even showed that he's in on the joke by retweeting what is clearly the best explanation for the phenomenon:

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