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Tag: U.S. Congress

Another Democratic Congressman Announces Retirement
Congressman Bill Owens today announced that he will not seek re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives this fall. Owens is the Democratic repre...
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Congressman George Miller Announces His Retirement
U.S. Representative George Miller today announced that he will not be seeking re-election for his California district seat this fall. Miller is curren...
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Congressional Approval Dropped to a New Low in 2013
Though it seems as though congress has always had low approval ratings, Americans’ views of the legislative branch actually increased throughout...
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Congressman Reviews Jay-Z’s New Album on Twitter
On Twitter, Florida Republican Congressman Trey Radel describes himself as a “husband, father, entrepreneur, champion of conservative causes....
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Pregnant Congresswoman Announces Via Facebook
Jamie Herrera Beutler, the Republican congresswoman from Washington’s 3rd district, has announced that she is pregnant. The 34-year-old Beutler ...
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United States Postal Service Losing $25M a Day
It’s no secret that the United States Postal Service (USPS) has been struggling for years. The company has seen its revenues fall in the face of...
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Charlie Wilson Dies; Congressman Was 70
Former U.S. Representative Charlie A. Wilson has died at the age of 70. According to an Associated Press report, Wilson had a stroke in February and h...
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Obamacare ‘Kills’ Says Michelle Bachmann
Michele Bachmann, the U.S. congressional representative from Minnesota’s 6th district, is well-known for saying things that strike Americans in ...
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Repeal Obamacare Bill Introduced by Michelle Bachmann
The 113th U.S. Congress were just sworn-in yesterday, and already House Republicans are reiterating their feelings about the Patient Protection and Af...
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Sam Gibbons Dies at 92, Florida Congressman
On the eve of the 2012 Vice Presidential debate, we say our goodbyes to a very loyal Florida congressman, Sam Gibbons, who passed away yesterday (Octo...
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Google Issues a Call For Legislative Transparency
Google has issued a statement announcing that it believes public policy should be based on sound data analysis. Seth Webb, a senior policy manager for...
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26-Year-Old Software Engineer Congressional Candidate Impresses Reddit, Matt Cutts
According to 26-year-old Patrick Kelly, Washington needs more engineers and less lawyers. That’s why he has decided to run for U.S. Congress in ...
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Weiner Scares Fellow Congressional Tweeters
Not only has the Weinergate scandal had an effect on the American people, the beltway media and obviously Anthony Weiner, but it has apparently had a ...
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