How Telemedicine is Changing Nursing Homes

As we are all aware, nursing homes suffered a great deal during the height of the pandemic, and even long after many things were getting back to normal, nursing homes still lacked the staff they needed to fully meet the…

Telemedicine: the Future of Healthcare

Telehealth and telemedicine are the future of healthcare.  Telehealthcare has grown rapidly in the past few decades.  Even though it is less than a century old, it is maturing at an unbelievable speed.  Starting in the 1920s, radio communications were…

T-Mobile and Zyter Partner on Telehealth

T-Mobile has announced it is partnering with Zyter to provide telehealth options.

Dexcom CEO: COVID Has Really Validated Our Technology

COVID, while it’s hard and it’s been difficult, has really validated the importance of our technology, says Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer.