DoubleClick Adds Payment IDs to Ad Exchange For All Buyers

Google’s DoubleClick announced that it is currently in the process of applying for TAG Registration and that its version of Payment IDs is available in the DoubleClick Ad Exchange to all buyers globally. This is an effort to support the…

Playing Tag In Skyrim Looks Like Fun

If you’re bored with fan-generated content, courtesy of Skyrim, then away with you, knaves. You know not what you are missing. Yes, I am a huge fan of the game, and while that means I’m biased, I’m not afraid to…

SourceLink Introduces Powerful New Social Media Tool

Do you want to reach more customers with your advertising, spend less money, provide richer information, and have consumers do all the work? If it sounds to good to be true, it isn’t. SourceLink has just released TAG, a direct…

Microsoft Moves Tag Out Of Beta

Microsoft has moved its mobile barcode technology, Tag out of beta after 18 months of testing.

Users can download the Microsoft Tag app on their smartphone, take a photo of the Tag and be directed to a website, view a text message or linked to a phone number.

Microsoft says since its beta launch more than 1 billion Tags have been printed globally and in April more than 20 million magazine with Tags were in the hands of U.S. consumers.