SourceLink Introduces Powerful New Social Media Tool

IT Management

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Do you want to reach more customers with your advertising, spend less money, provide richer information, and have consumers do all the work? If it sounds to good to be true, it isn't. SourceLink has just released TAG, a direct mail to social media advertising tool and it promises all that and more.

By encouraging consumers to share product offers across social networking platforms, word is spread about the product and the information base gets richer and richer. As the connections grow, the products and services gain more exposure. Not only does it provide information about who ideal consumers are demographically, it gives them a comprehensive list of who exactly to target.

Pat O'Brien, Chief Marketing Officer at SourceLink comments on the powerful new offering:

"TAG is an exciting new offering in our multichannel suite of services, because it offers a means to integrate digital, print, transactional and social channels,"

"Many companies are unsure how to properly leverage social networking sites as part of their marketing plans, and this product provides a measurable solution for businesses looking to capitalize on emerging trends."

This is the hottest trend right now. Organizations should really capitalize on the social networks that are available right at their fingertips. Word of mouth can be one of the most important forms of promotion and this service takes that concept to the next level. It truly is the exploitation of social influence to gain recognition and ideally sales.

Brent Tartar, Vice President of Sales at SourceLink also comments on the new edition of TAG:

"We are thrilled to offer our customers the opportunity to truly harness social media and the sharing aspects associated with it,"

"By combining traditional marketing channels with emerging social media platforms, TAG maximizes marketing reach and opens up avenues to reach new customers and inform them about product offerings."

I think we are going to see a lot more advertising technology employing this kind of strategy. As social networking grows in popularity, more advertisers will want to take advantage of those relationships.