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Tag: tablet shipments

Tech Shipments Growing, Despite Languishing PC Market
With many parts of the worldwide economy still struggling to recover from the recent economic recession, the tech industry still appears resilient eno...
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Tablet Growth to Slow as Markets Saturate
The tablet segment is seeing explosive growth in emerging markets, heralding an even greater slowdown for the PC market in the coming years. Even with...
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455 Million Tablets Predicted to Ship in 2017
Though some analysts have observed that the explosive growth in the tablet market seems to be slowing, that doesn’t mean the overall tablet mark...
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Tablet Market Growth Slowing, Shows Report
As seen in reports last week, the tablet market rose nearly 30% year-over-year during 2013’s holiday season. This growth was expected and welcom...
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Nearly Half of Online Americans Now Own Tablets
As predicted, tablets were some of the hottest items this holiday shopping season. Over 78 million tablets shipped during the fourth quarter 2013 and ...
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Over 78 Million Tablets Shipped During the Holiday Quarter
Tablets are now eating significantly into sales of traditional PCs and could soon overshadow PC sales altogether. This past holiday season (particular...
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Apple to Ship Over 80 Million Tablets This Year
Tablets were more popular than ever this holiday season, and Apple and Samsung continued to display their mobile dominance with iPad and Galaxy tablet...
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Device Sales Forecast to Hit 2.5 Billion This Year
With IT spending once again on the rise, tech manufacturers are optimistic about their device sales in the coming year. Market research firm Gartner t...
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Consumer Computer Sales Increasing, Thanks to Tablets
Throughout the past few years, the tech industry has watched as consumers bought fewer PCs each year. Shipments of PCs and notebooks have been declini...
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Tablet Growth to Slow in Coming Years
The biggest tech success story of the past three years is undoubtedly tablets. Since the debut of the iPad the tablet industry has grown at a breaknec...
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Tablet Shipments Beat Out Mobile PCs This Year
The PC market is declining rapidly, and it is easy to see why. With no compelling reason to upgrade PC hardware, consumers are turning to mobile devic...
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Tablet Market to Overtake PCs & Notebooks Combined
The low cost and high usability of tablets has for some time now been taking sales away from more traditional PCs. The PC and notebook markets are now...
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Tablet Market Set For 20% Growth in Fourth Quarter
Though major growth in the tablet market is beginning to slow in established markets in the west, the overall tablet market is still set to grow very ...
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Global Tablet Growth Set to Slow in 2014
For the past two years the tablet market has ramped up significantly. The demand for tablet devices has even begun to eat into the traditional PC mark...
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Lenovo Could be Ramping Up Tablet Production
The PC market is dwindling, with PC shipments now consistently falling quarter after quarter. Market watchers blame this decline on the rise of mobile...
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Small-Brand Tablets Thriving in Emerging Markets
Though the tablet industry as a whole is thriving, the market segment is already beginning to saturate is the world’s largest tech markets. For ...
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Branded Tablet Shipments Predicted to Drop in Fourth Quarter
Recent estimates for tablet sales have seen incredible growth, and analysts have predicted even more growth in the years to come. It’s strange, ...
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Tablet Market Still Growing Fast
With the smartphone market beginning to saturate in larger western markets, manufacturers are increasingly looking to the tablet market for growth. Wi...
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Apple Tablet Shipments Falling, Still Tops Others
Earlier this week it was reported that all other tablet shipments combined outpaced Apple’s iPad shipments during the third quarter of 2013. Tho...
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Tablet Growth Estimate Tempered, Though Still High
A number of recent reports have highlighted just how fast the tablet market is taking off. The growth rate for the segment is predicted to be higher t...
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