The Growing Importance of Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) in Ecommerce

In today’s fast paced world, you will need to stay ahead of the game. Learn the growing importance of supply chain visibility (SCV) below.

Semiconductor Delivery Times Shrink by Four Days

The tech industry received some of the best news it’s had in years, with delivery times for semiconductors shrinking by four days in September.

Honda Cutting Production by 40% in Japanese Plants

Honda is the latest automaker to be hit with supply chain issues, cutting production at two Japanese plants by up to 40%.

CloudBees: 45% of Execs Are Only Halfway Through Securing Supply Chain

The latest report from CloudBees is bad news for the cloud industry, with many companies still not fully securing their supply chain.

How the Supply Chain Can Get its Resiliency Back

The pandemic put an unprecedented strain on the supply chain, revealing the need for new technologies and strategies to overcome bottlenecks. Shipping delays and material shortages continue making headlines as manufacturers worldwide struggle to meet consumer demand for everything from…

National Retail Federation CEO: This Is A Great Time For Innovation

National Retail Federation CEO Matthew Shay says that the pandemic has made this a great time for innovation by retailers.

Apple Suppliers Expect Continued iPhone 13 Shortages

Industries throughout the market are experiencing supply chain problems and Apple hasn’t been spared from this issue.  Shortages for iPhone 13 and its varieties have caused customers to give up their search for the phone with no end in sight for the turmoil in the market.

Building the Factory of the Future

The COVID pandemic, despite its disruptive effects on every aspect of our lives (not to mention all the painful losses we’ve endured since 2020), has caused us to re-examine and rethink how we function in almost every area. From personal…

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey: ‘Hyperinflation Will Change Everything’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is adding his voice to the chorus of ones concerned about inflation, saying hyperinflation will change everything.

Citigroup CEO: ‘We’re Probably In for a Bit of a Brutal Winter’

Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser has bad news, warning that the markets are in for a “brutal winter.”

Supply Chain Issues Lead to Raspberry Pi’s First-Ever Price Increase

Raspberry Pi has announced it is raising its prices — for the first time ever — as a result of supply chain issues and component shortages.

President Biden Signs Executive Order to Review Supply Chain

President Biden has signed an executive order authorizing a review of the US supply chain, including semiconductors.

How to Do Diversity Right This Year in Business

2020 was the year of supply chain disruption. After decades of industries striving for leaner supply chains, lockdowns and travel restrictions due to coronavirus blew the system over like a house of cards. As early as February, 70% of US…

Ecommerce Is Growing Much More Rapidly Than Before

Hamid Moghadam, chairman, and CEO of Prologis, the global leader in logistics real estate, says the pandemic has rapidly accelerated the growth of ecommerce worldwide.

Coronavirus: Apple Limiting iPhone Orders

Amid supply chain constraints as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Apple is limiting online iPhone orders.

Coronavirus: Amazon’s First Warehouse Case Raises Supply Questions

Amazon has reported its first coronavirus case in one of their warehouses, raising questions about the possible impact on supply lines.

Coronavirus: Amazon Taking Drastic Action to Meet Demand

Amazon is prioritizing shipments of essential items to its warehouses, as it struggles to keep up with demand in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

U.S. May Tighten Noose Around Huawei, Cut Off Chip Supply

In its ongoing battle with Chinese firm Huawei, the U.S. may be planning on tightening the noose by cutting off its access to chip suppliers, such as Taiwan’s TSMC.

IBM Says Blockchain-Powered Shipping Industry Platform Will Dramatically Reduce Costs

Major ocean container carriers are joining TradeLens, a blockchain-enabled digital shipping platform, jointly developed by Maersk and IBM. With the addition of these carriers nearly half of the world’s ocean container cargo will be using blockchain technology to dramatically improve costs and efficiencies.

Ecommerce is a Lot More Than Just Amazon, Says UPS CEO

Ecommerce is a lot more than just Amazon, says UPS CEO David Abney at the Davos 2019 conference. Abney says that their focus is really on helping small and midsize businesses compete with the bigger players by enabling them to offer two-day shipping.