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Want Faster Acceleration in Your Mercedes? That Will Cost $1,200 Annually.
Mercedes is the latest automaker to jump on the most deplorable trend in the industry, charging $1,200 annually for faster acceleration....
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iOS Users Can Purchase Amazon Content In-App
iOS users can finally purchase Amazon Prime Video content in-app, significantly improving the user experience....
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Disney Takes a Playbook Out of Digitally Native Companies
“All of a sudden people are realizing that Disney is going to take the advantages that they have, content that nobody else has, moats that give them...
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24 Gone from Netflix, Now on Amazon Prime Instead
You may have seen the warnings that popular series 24 was vanishing from Netflix on April 1st, but today Netflix users were hit with the harsh reality...
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The Elder Scrolls Online Will Cost You $14.99 A Month
For those of you who are eager to get your MMO on in Tamriel, some recent news may take some of that wind out of your sails. If, however, money is no ...
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John McCain Talks ‘A la Carte’ Cable Bill, Says It’s About Lower Income Families [VIDEO]
As you may know, Arizona Senator John McCain has sponsored a bill that would take on cable and satellite TV providers by forcing a new “a la car...
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MoviePass Offers Unlimited Movie Subscription for Theatres
Now that the 3D movie fad is dying out, studios and movie theaters will have to find a way to compete with large HD televisions and services such as N...
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WSJ Pulls Free Google-Searched Content
Certain content exclusively accessible via Google’s “First Click Free” program on the the Wall Street Journal’s website is being pulle...
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OnLive – A Cloud Gaming Service Launches
The evolution of gaming has taken interesting turns in its relatively short history. We've gone from arcade machines, to home consoles, with the la...
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