24 Gone from Netflix, Now on Amazon Prime Instead

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You may have seen the warnings that popular series 24 was vanishing from Netflix on April 1st, but today Netflix users were hit with the harsh reality, like a Jack Bauer punch to the throat. It's no April Fool's joke–24 is gone.

Netflix allowed their streaming rights to expire on the groundbreaking FOX series, but it hasn't disappeared from the streaming world altogether. In fact, it's just hopped over to Amazon. Starting today, Amazon Prime Instant Video can boast exclusive streaming rights to the entire series–192 episodes in all.

24 has been extremely popular with Amazon customers over the years,” said Brad Beale, Director of Digital Video Content Acquisition for Amazon. “Whether they are hard-core Jack Bauer fans or just discovering the series for the first time, Prime members are going to love catching up on the previous seasons of 24 as well as 24: Live Another Day.”

As yes, speaking of 24: Live Another Day–we're pretty close to the premiere of the new miniseries. The 12-episode "television event," which will see Jack Bauer back in action one more time, will debut May 5th on FOX.

And later in the year, Amazon Prime Instant Video will get that miniseries as well (exclusively, of course).

This isn't the first popular series that Amazon has snatched up just months before a new season premieres. They recently did the same thing with NBC's Hannibal and the BBC's Orphan Black.

If you're a Netflix subscriber and a 24 fan, well...

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